The Anti-Cellphone Brigade

God help us.

The Anti-Cell-phone Brigade
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If the sight of college kids scurrying around on campus with mini silver phones adhered to their hideous, greasy heads fills you with the urge to grind excrement into their ear canals...

If you have ever been snubbed or ignored in your workplace because customers or fellow co-workers feel like those calls from cousin Joey about last night's dope-ass party exempts them from the dying laws of etiquette...

If you've ever had an encounter with some pointy-headed cretin with his cell-phone crammed into his ear, the other arm flailing while he's piloting a speeding SUV...

Or if any cell-phone-related topic or sighting makes you want to purchase a hand grenade (or possibly two)...

Holy crap! This community (and the consequent bad ellipses) is (are) just what you've been looking for!

Bond together, my mighty herd of mental defectives, and share tales of cell-phone hatred! Whether it's a specific incident, an aversion as an entity, or merely a minor irritation at, say, the fact that cell-phones are becoming increasingly tampon-sized and that somehow, inexplicably, wins cool points, your words are welcome.

Were you able to understand all of that with the excess commas?

Community information to be revised at a later date, once I pry the cell-phone out of my cunt.

Community moderator is neosplinter.

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Please...SPREAD THE WORD AND ENCOURAGE YOUR CELLPHONE-HATING FRIENDS TO JOIN. Community promotion is just not kind to folks of our superior persuasion.
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