Fir Yew I Pine - Fir Yew I Balsam (ragtimematt) wrote in anticellphone,
Fir Yew I Pine - Fir Yew I Balsam

G.K. reminisces about America...

"Used to be more freedom in this country. A man would leave the house and you'd be free at least until you got to work, but now you carry a cell phone with you and so you're on a tether at all times. Lindbergh flew the Atlantic without a radio, but we wouldn't think of going through the produce section without having a little cell phone on our hips. You go down to the park and people pull out a cell phone and they dial a number and they say 'It's me, I'm here, I'm in the park.' Now, what does this add to human knowledge, I don't know..."

Garrison Keillor
A Prairie Home Companion
July 1, 2006
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