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Hello I thought I might join

I would not say I hate cellphones as much as I just don't 'get' them. This coming from a girl who is only turning 23 next month no less.
The bills most of the time are so much more than a normal phone bill. I have seen many friends my age dish out food money just to get the voice mail part of their plan back online and then have to use my everyday home phone to actually be able to talk to someone :P.

A reply to one LJ friends cellphone troubles I posted not long ago:

Cell phones are evil. I don't have one, a landline with a cordless is just fine by me. Being able to be annoyed by calls from who knows where at any time (most likely in the middle of class or some other not nice place) would be worth them paying me money and not the other way around. Plus I have a photosmart M22 already so I don't need a cell to take pictures, and hunting and pecking on a tiny number pad just to text very very slowly in a tiny chatroom is not my idea of fun.

BTW, Stephen King has a new book out called "Cell" that I am sure many members here might want to read.
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