Squidgurl (ronjeremyslover) wrote in anticellphone,

Operators are standing by ...

Last night, I went to the park for a jog. It's not unusual to see people walking their dogs, babies, etc., with a cellphone in their hand. Stupid? Yeah. But I've grown to accept it as part of my viewing "pleasure" when I jog.

What was different about this time, however, was this one guy walking the park in one of those Garth Brooks/Janet Jackson headsets. You know, a hands-free device. He looked like one of those Time-Life operators on TV. As he walked, he was getting deep into conversation, his hands making gestures as joggers, people, passed by him. All I could think about was that the only thing that separates him from those crazy people who wander the parking lot talking to nobody is that headset. Then, I thought, no. There's nothing separating the two at all.
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