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Beer for Breakfast

Are we headed down the same road as the dinosaurs?

Inside a dinosaur skull on display in Indianapolis is a fossilized brain tumor, scientists say, one that gave the Gorgosaurus "a very bad headache."

What the scientists failed to report is the giant cell phone found buried in rock next to the skull. We all know the dinosaurs were avid users of technology, especially cell phones. They were very social animals, and often would call each other up to organize hunts, set schedules for seasonal migration or just share skin moisturizing secrets. Archaeologists say the dinosaurs used their cell phones constantly, often running into each other on the plains because they were so busy yapping and not watching where they were walking.

Scientific teams have even found evidence of 20-Lambeosaurus pile-ups where Kansas is now.

Some mammals warned the dinosaurs that constant exposure to cell phones might cause brain tumors, but they never listened. They didn't want to give up their cute ringtones and easy escape from face-to-face interaction. We're only now discovering the true cause of their extinction - not the laughable "killer asteroid" theory written by Drs. Samuel J. Qualcomm and Victor B. Nokia.

But our race does not have to be destroyed. Save yourselves! Stop calling your friends to tell them all about the movie you're watching two rows behind me. Stop calling loved ones to rave about the concert still going on as you stand right next to me. Get off the phone ... especially when you're driving in front of me.

Humanity needs you.

(from the blog :nude highway driving)

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yeah, I had a pretty good chuckle over that one.
I love it :-D